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Oslo Skeive Filmer Film Festival is an annual international film festival (founded in 1990) focusing on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes, as well as other gender identities and expressions. Our mission and goal is to present a wide variety of domestic and international films - features, documentaries and short films, all delving into the different aspects of our community and contributing to educate, enlighten and entertain.

The 23th Oslo Skeive Filmer Film Festival takes place September 13th – 20th 2013 at Cinemateket, operated by The Norwegian Film Institute.

This year Skeive Filmer presents around 50 screenings of features, documentaries and shorts from all over the world. The festival programme is also featured in the Norwegian queer magazine Blikk.

Cinemateket has two state-of-the art theatres: Tancred (190 seats) and Lillebil (68 seats). 

Both cinemas provide screening facilities for 35mm analogue and 4K digital projection, including projection capacity in the following formats: 2K/4K Dcp, HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Digital Betacam (including NTSC), Beta SP, HDV/DVCAM/DV/MiniDV, Blu-Ray, and DVD.  The larger hall also provides 70mm analogue projection, RealD 3D, and Beta SP NTSC.

Contact: oglff (at) oglff.org

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