Årets priser

Før visningen av Skeive filmers  avslutningsfilm «Three» ble årets priser delt ut. Juryen har bestått av Claudia Mauti, Joel Gibb, Reidar Engesbak og Guinevere Turner.

Prisen for Årets kortfilm gikk til «Hatch», regi Christoph Kuschnig.
Her er juryenes begrunnelse:

We have chosen to give the Short Film Award to HATCH by Christoph Kuschnig, because we want to support the filmmaker and the issues that he addresses - not only the difficulties gay couples face in adopting children, but the tensions that arise across borders, cultures and classes between Austria and Serbia.  
The film raises some complex issues that we don't often see discussed, and we give this award in the hope that this filmmaker will continue to challenge audiences in this way.

Prisen for Beste film gikk til «Facing Mirrors», regi Negar Azarbayjani.
Her er juryenes begrunnelse:

The Feature Film Award we give to FACING MIRRORS, by Negar Azarbayjani, for it's moving portrayal of the struggle of a trans person in Iran. 

First, one can imagine that making a film like this is not easy in Iran, and second, the story itself takes some very surprising turns, and raises some of the important social issues in Iranian culture today.  
Mixing the style of a traditional road movie with some very inventive filmmaking,
Facing Mirrors is a film we are proud to acknowledge tonight.


Årets Ungdomspris gikk til «Dirty Girl», regi Abe Sylvia
Her er juryens begrunnelse:

The Movie that the Queer Youth jury has chosen to award focuses on topics young people can relate to in a light entertaining way. Although most characters are not queer, many break the heteronormative lifestyle in different ways. The main character goes against the norms and is a true dirty girl.

The Queer Youth Film Award 2012 goes to «Dirty Girl», directed by Abe Sylvia.