Jury statements

Great choices by our fabulous jurors - and they're all still friends!
We salute them and their selections!

The main jury awards; Best Short Film: "I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK ALONE" by Daniel Ribeiro, with Honorable Mention to "ANTI-REPRODUCTIVE MATING RITUAL" by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg.

Honorable Mention for Best Feature/Documentary: Daishi Matsunaga for "PYUUPIRU", and finally the award for Best Feature/Documentary: Andrew Haigh and Weekend!

The jury had a really hard time deciding on the best short films as there were several strong contenders. Therefore we’ve decided to give one special mention in addition to the award.

It’s always refreshing to get new looks on activities presumed straight and macho. You don’t need more than a candy , a couple of skateboards and two naked men to do just that. For it’s sexy, poetic simplicity, the jury’s special mention goes to Anti-Reproductive Mating Ritual by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg.

The members of the jury have all been touched by a short film dealing with two diversities rarely portrayed together; people who are blind and people who fall in love with someone of the same sex. The director manages to portray this love story in a non-apologetic and gentle way through the believable characters of the blind boy Leonardo, his friend Giovana and their new friend Gabriel. This film is so full of hope and deserves a large audience, young and old, straight and gay. Best short in the 21. Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is “I don´t want to go back alone” by Daniel Ribeiro.

In it´s curious but respectful way, the honoured film documents the evolution of an artist as she transgresses traditional gender categorization and re-creates her own unique sexual and artistic identity. Due to it´s formal tender simplicity the film manages to convey the artists personal and professional struggles and victorys through a period of 7 years in a thruthfully moving but yet daring way. The director manages to create a feeling within the viewer that delicately shifts from a distant admiration to an emotional fellowship for the protagonist. For it´s deeply caring and confronting portrait of not only an emerging artist, but an even more exceptional human being the jury´s special mention goes to Daishi Matsunaga´s PYUUPIRU.

The winning film is a refreshing exploration of love and intimacy between two men, emotionally charged without being sentimental, politically relevant without being dull. The director has managed to make a film that appeals to wider audiences while addressing very specific and contemporary gay issues. Undoubtfully a great artistic achievement due to a confident direction, outstanding performances, frank dialogues, delicate camera composition and honest portrayal of gay sex. The jury highly encourages Norwegian distributors to put this on the big screens so that it can spread the love!!!!! The jury award for best feature goes to Weekend by Andrew Haigh