Feature films

She Monkeys

Emma is an introvert and dutiful teenager with immense talent in Voltige, a mix of gymnastics and dance on horseback. When she meets Cassandra, the team captain, they quickly form a bond both mentally and physically, but soon a battle to gain power and complete control develops between them.

Au Pair, Kansas

Is he gay – or just Scandinavian? Oddmund Lindeflaten is a babbling Norwegian soccer player who gets a job as an au pair for the widow Helen Hazleton’s two boys, aged 15 and 9 –he’s in for a challenge...


Oliver meets the irreverent and unpredictable Anna only months after his father Hal has passed away. This new love floods Oliver with memories of his father who - following 44 years of marriage - came out of the closet at age 75 to live a full, energized, and wonderfully tumultuous gay life.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

Three lesbian aliens are sent to Earth on a special mission. They end up in New York where they begin their quest to find true love.

David's Birtday

Shary and Diego has rented a luxurious summer house on the Italian riviera with their friends Matteo and Francesca, and they are all looking forward to a relaxing vacation. The bubble bursts when their son David arrives for his birthday celebration. Matteo falls head over heels for the beautiful David, endangering the relationship to his wife Francesca, but also to his close friends.

Four More Years

David Holst is happily married, a popular leader of the People’s Party and en route to become Sweden’s next prime minister, when his best laid plans seem to go down the drain. The People’s party loses out to the left wing, and to top it off sweet violins start to play across party borders.

The Mountain

Nora and Solveig returns to the mountain where they had a traumatic experience two years ago. Instead of sharing and be present in the pain alongside Solveig, Nora has shut down and kept her at a distance. Solveig initiated this painful trip into the wild and beautiful landscape, where their relationship is further put to the test.


It's 1963 and Paris is sizzling with sex. The stylishly butch Gigola takes on the male criminal underclass at its own game, enticing pretty femmes away from their pimps, breaking hearts and making a few enemies along the way.

Gun Hill Road

Enrique returns to his family in the Bronx after getting released on parole, only to find that much has changed during the three years he was inside. His son Michael has changed in a way Enrique doesn’t understand, and the battle begins. The mother, Judy, tries to shelter her son at the same time as she wants to keep the family together, while Enrique finds himself torn between being the family protector and what is expected of him in a rough environment based on macho ideals.


Life gets immediately more complicated when drug dealer Joe meets Belle, a dreamy, suicidal psychopath, in this dark comedy...

Mary Lou

This is the child of Mamma Mia and Glee – in Hebrew! Eytan Fox (The Bubble, Yossi & Yagger) is behind this modern fable, set to music by Tzvika Pick, who’s being described as ”the Lady Gaga of 1970’s Israel”.

Recipe For a Killing

Winemaker Gérard is a demanding control-freak and dead serious when it comes to the art of cooking. So much in fact that he kiils his wife when she fails to please him with her Céleri Remoulade. He hires the young, rebellious dyke Aline as his new cook, and she’s got her work cut out for her dealing with her old gourmet boss. But who will win in their ongoing culinary struggle?


20 year old Lukas moves to Cologne and takes his first steps in the city’s gay scene. where he meets Fabio – who’s everything Lukas wants to be: Handsome, muscular and outgoing, with an element of danger. Fabio notices Lukas and it looks to be a hot summer ahead...


Spork is not your average teenager. Fitting in at high school isn’t easy when you don’t have the right clothes or the right hair. and to top it all off you’re intersex.

The Night Watch

Yet another Sarah Waters novel gets adapted for the screen, and like Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, The Night Watch will not disappoint. We meet a group of lesbians and gays in post-WWII’s London and see their stories unfold as we follow them back in time from 1947 to 1941.


10-year old Laure moves with her parents and little sister to an area outside Paris. Wearing jeans and t-shirt, with short cropped hair, she’s easily mistaken for a boy. When she meets neighbour Lisa, this is what happens: Laure becomes Mikaël. She meets Lisa’s friends and spends most of her vacation on the football field with them. But the game must come to an end.


Sometimes a film will appear from out of nowhere, leaving you with a warmth and joy you never want to go without. Weekend is one of those films. Russell hooks up with Glen at a bar a Friday night, and a casual encounter evolves into something much more.


The Advocate for Fagdom

Bruce La Bruce has been called many things: Bold, revolutionary, speculative, controversial, annoying and pornographer. Amongst other things. Whether you love or hate his films, there is no way around the fact that he’s a filmmaker that consistently challenge the industry and pushes boundaries.

Fake Orgasm

Director Jo Sol followed activist and cabaret performer Lazlo Pearlman both on and offstage, and the result is a fascinating, funny and thought-provoking film about sex, clichés and identity – a film that takes us on a journey that may uncover prejudices we did not know we possessed, yet is able to completely change the way we think.

Hit So Hard

Hit So Hard is a pull-no-punches portrait of the hell-and-back life of Patty Schemel, the hard-hitting drummer of Courtney Love’s seminal rock band “Hole” during its peak years.

How Are You

Danish Michael Elmgreen and Norwegian Ingar Dragset have in astonishingly few years become to of the biggest stars in the contemporary art scene. In this documentary we follow the couple, known for challenging the audiences everyday lives with irreverence and humour, as they prepare for their exhibition at the Nordic Pavillion during the Biennale in Venice 2009

I Shot My Love

Israeli documentary director Tomer Heymann returns to Germany, the country of his ancestors, to present his film Paper Dolls at the Berlin International Film Festival, where he meets a man who will change his life, the dancer Andreas.

Jan's Coming Out

After an ”L-Word” marathon, 50 year old Jan finally realises what has been missing from her life: Lesbians. She opens the closet door, and in this charming documentary we take part in her journey towards accepting herself and the quest for all things Sapphic in the new world.


Director Daishi Matsunaga followed his childhood friend Pyuupiru from 2001 to 2008, in which that friend went from being a small town original to one of the most famous artists in Japan and the rest of the world.