The Jury

This years' jury: Cårejånni Enderud, Melissa (Mel) Pritchard, Pauline Aasarød, Tonje Gjevjon og Yair Hochner.

Cårejånni Enderud

Cårejånni  works as a make-up artist and stylist, as well as taking jobs as costume designer for TV and stage. He is currently working on La Cage Aux Folles at The National Venue of Theatre in Bergen, and also works for Wallmann’s Salonger in Oslo.
He has a background from the stage himself as part of the drag group The Great Garlic Girls and Ruth and Vigdis, but nowadays he is mostly known for a long running comedy act as Berit Bislett’s mum.



Melissa Pritchard (Mel)

Melissa Pritchard (Mel) was born in Australia, and studied English Literature. She worked for many years as a technician in live theater, and volunteered at Pride in Melbourne. These days she lives in Hamburg, where she caught the queer film festival bug in a big way. She has been working for the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival for six years now, and her main job there is the co-ordination of the short film programs. She recently took a "summer job" at identities Queer Film Festival in Vienna, a festival that she has been advising to in the last couple of years. The whole Australian-in-Hamburg thing is confusing for everyone at first, but Mel kinda likes it that way, and being able to speak German is also surprisingly handy. Since the Hamburg festival is entirely volunteer run, Mel makes the odd Euro via editing and the odd bit of translation.



Yair Hochner

Yair Hochner was born in Kfar Save, Israel
In 2005 he set out to direct his script, Good Boys (Yeladim Tovim), which received acclaim as the Winner of OUTstanding Emerging Talent Award Outfest (2005); Winner of the Showtime Vanguard Award NewFest; Jury Grand Prize - Feature Film image+nation International LGBT Film Festival n Montreal; Winner of: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Cinematography -Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; and Winner, Best Israeli Film, Eilat International Film Festival.

Yair taught cinema to high school students for five years in Netania. Currently he writes film reviews for Seret (Film), Israel’s leading cinema site. He has written articles for the Cinematheque Magazine, as well as short stories for the Tel Aviv newspaper and Camera Obscura magazine.
Yair Hochner is the artistic director of the TLVFest, the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival since co-founding it in 2006.

In 2007 he wrote and directed his second feature Antarctica, distributed by Regent Releasing.
In 2008 he co-produced Fucking Different Tel Aviv with Kristian Petersen, the official selection of the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival.

2009: Crossing Borders - 3rd International Short Film Competition, Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv and the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".
2008: The 16th Mix Brasil Film and Video Festival of Sexual Diversity.
2008: Icon 2008 - The 12th Annual Science Fiction Fantasy and Role-Playing Festival, Tel Aviv
2008: Iris Prize - Cardiff's International Gay & Lesbian Short Film Festival
2008: Teddy Jury at the Berlin International Film Festival.

2009: LGBT Filmmaking and the world of LGBT film festivals.
Film Festival of Sexual Diversity, Montevideo, Uruguay.
2008: Sex In New York After 9/11: An Introduction to "Shortbus" Screening, Herzlya Cinematheque
2007: From Erotica to Pornography in Israeli Cinema - Porn Filmfestival, Berlin



Pauline Aasarød

A long time ago, in a galaxy far ar away, where film was dangerous – or a waste of time if it wasn’t american, in color, or starred John Travolta... I left the good company and joined the film society: French black and white films with Polish subs - the order of the reels unimportant. Moved to Oslo; Stranger than Paradise. Spanish and Chinese films, Bergman and Fellini at the Cinemateque. Home? Not unless it’s Twin Peaks on TV. Accepts a board position in Oslo Film Society and the world’s best job as studies consultant in The Norwegian Federation of Film Societies.

Organizes seminars big and small, conveys the federation’s history, founds Frogner Children’s Film Society. New job: production coordinator and dramaturg at Filmhuset AS, specializing in Islandic features and short films. Marketing for it branch Scandinavian Entertainment Group. Subtitling for films, etc, to make ends meet. Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. I swapped a job to live for for one to live of, that’s why nothing’s more welcome than an excuse to spend an entire week in the cinema.



Tonje Gjevjon

Tonje Gjevjon is a visual- and performance artist. She is the head of The Hungry Hearts Pin-Up Performance band, developing films, music, installations and performances. Gjevjon and The Hungry Hearts have participated at 30 – 40 international film festivals, and in 2010 they won The One Minutes Award in Shanghai with the film Last Kiss Goodbye. They are well known for The International Lesbian Anthem: In Your Face, still showing at festivals in Europe, USA and Japan.
She is inspired by filmmakers, artists and writers such as David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar, Haruki Murukami, Frida Kahlo, Roy Andersson, Lars Von Trier, Jens Bjørneboe  og Shabana Rehman.